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A place with a story

Krtsanisi Residence

Situated within Tbilisi’s diplomatic district, in a secluded, tree-lined enclave, Krtsanisi Residence stands among distinguished company. Just a five minute drive from the cultural gems of the Old City, the residence itself adjoins an area long favored by the country’s former political elite, who decades ago chose this prestigious location as a respite from the frenetic pace of Tbilisi’s urban landscape.


Being close to and far from the center

Krtsanisi Residence is not just a concept, it’s a way of life. By pairing luxury with an unparalleled level of consideration for the environment, it caters to those who demand modern, cosmopolitan living without leaving an oversized carbon footprint. Krtsanisi’s close proximity to Tbilisi’s cultural and entertainment districts also makes it an ideal locale for those deeply engaged in city life. Whether it’s a business meeting, the theatre, the restaurant, or simply meeting a friend for coffee, Krtsanisi Residence offers convenient access to all of the city’s highly-regarded attractions.

materials used

Innovative materials

The materials that are used in the Krtsanisi Residence project fully reflect the eco-friendly and energy-efficient idea that the creators convey.

Aluminium Window systems;

-Heat Insulation
-Sound Insulation

Window details :

-Thickness 30mm
-Argon 90%, air 10% ( crucial for low heat emission)
-ClimaGuard Premium , Float Glass ExtraClear glasses : 6mm

minimizing heat-loss during the cold months and retaining coolness throughout the hot months;


Facades are finished with high-grade German bricks from Feldhaus Klinker. With special hardening the bricks are firmer, that improves its longevity. Moreover, this is crucial for quality hydro insulation.;

Window Shades:;

For high quality living experience the buildings are fitted with rolling window shades, that added comfort to our living experience.
Furthermore, Shades support heat insulation of the buildings.;


Terraces are finished with an African hard wood “Iroko”. Iroko is characterized not only with extreme attractiveness but also with particular durability.;


Our Loft buildings are fitted with European made Kone elevators.;


Our construction is innovation to Georgian market:

-Flexibility for interior planning
-Opportunity for ceiling hight above 3.28m
-Monolith construction ;